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Configure AoP

AMQP on Pulsar (AoP) is a protocol handler developed by StreamNative to natively support the AMQP protocol on the Pulsar broker. By adding the AoP protocol handler to your existing Pulsar cluster, you can now migrate your existing AMQP applications and services to Pulsar without modifying the code.

Enable AoP

This section describes how to enable AoP on StreamNative Platform.


  • sn-platform chart: 1.6.0 or higher
  • pulsar-operator chart: 0.11.6 or higher


To enable AoP within a Kubernetes cluster, you can set broker.aop.enabled and broker.aop.proxyEnabled to true in the values.yaml YAML file as follows and use the helm upgrade command to update the resource.

  1. Enable AoP.

        enabled: true
        proxyEnabled: true
  2. Apply the new configuration.

    helm upgrade -f /path/to/your/values.yaml <release_name> streamnative/sn-platform -n <k8s_namespace>

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