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About StreamNative

StreamNative was founded by the original developers of Apache Pulsar and BookKeeper and have more experience designing, deploying, and running large-scale Apache Pulsar instances than any team in the world.

We have built a team with unparalleled expertise that is passionate about helping organizations adopt and be successful with Apache Pulsar technology.

Why do companies choose StreamNative?

There are two main reasons:

  • The expertise of our team.
  • The StreamNative technology built on top of Apache Pulsar that helps organizations de-risk the move to Pulsar.

Pulsar is a robust platform with broad set of features that are designed to meet a large number of use cases. StreamNative is built on top of Pulsar and provides add-on, critical features for enterprises and managed services.

StreamNative also provides tools and plugins to simplify backup and storage as well as extend the ecosystem.

StreamNative’s support team members are experts in Pulsar and are ready and able to help at any time.

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