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Why do companies choose StreamNative?

StreamNative was founded by the original developers of Apache Pulsar and BookKeeper and have more experience designing, deploying, and running large-scale Apache Pulsar instances than any team in the world.

We have built a team with unparalleled expertise that is passionate about helping organizations adopt and be successful with Apache Pulsar technology.

There are two main reasons our customers choose us:

  • The expertise of our team.
  • The StreamNative technology built on top of Apache Pulsar that helps organizations de-risk the move to Pulsar.

StreamNative products empower teams to run Apache Pulsar with confidence. StreamNative delivers the most sophisticated data-streaming and event-messaging business processes, so you can unleash the power of Pulsar.

Backed by Pulsar Experts

Tap into StreamNative's unparalleled expertise.

  • 24/7 enterprise support
  • Access to the original creators of Apache Pulsar and leading contributors of open source Pulsar
  • Self-paced courses and hands-on training via StreamNative Academy

StreamNative Technology

Pulsar is a robust platform with broad set of features that are designed to meet a large number of use cases. StreamNative is built on top of Pulsar and provides add-on, critical features for enterprises and managed services.

StreamNative also provides tools and plugins to simplify backup and storage as well as extend the ecosystem.

StreamNative’s support team members are experts in Pulsar and are ready and able to help at any time.

Reliability at Scale

Leverage Pulsar for mission-critical data streaming and messaging with StreamNative Cloud.

  • 99.95 % uptime SLA
  • Failure recovery - In the event of a failure, StreamNative Cloud offers automated recovery capabilities to minimize downtime and ensure that data is not lost. If a node or component in the Pulsar cluster fails, StreamNative Cloud will automatically detect the failure and initiate recovery procedures. These procedures can include restarting the failed component, or deploying a new node to replace the failed one.
  • Multi-Availabilty Zones (AZ) replication to provide high availability and fault tolerance for critical applications by ensuring that the database can survive an AZ-level outage or other types of failures.
  • Managed upgrades ensure automatic deployment of new versions of the Pulsar software, including security patches, bug fixes, and new features without having to manage the upgrade process yourself. Your users can focus on their applications and data, rather than worrying about maintaining the underlying infrastructure.

Connect your Ecosystem

Quickly and reliably connect Pulsar with other data sources and legacy apps. Streamline installation and upgrades to reduce connector management.

  • Compatible with AMQP, MQTT, and Kafka protocols
  • Latest version of StreamNative open-source connectors and access to StreamNative hub with 40+ connectors

Scalability without Downtime

StreamNative Cloud manages everything automatically without the need for manual partition rebalancing or long maintenance periods.

Centralized Ops and Observability

Retain complete visibility into cluster performance and health. StreamNative Cloud provides real-time monitoring and alerts to notify users of any issues, enabling them to take action before a failure occurs.

  • Centralized cluster management - You can manage your Apache Pulsar clusters from a single, centralized console without having to manually configure and manage individual components.
  • Real-time and historical visualizations - Real-time visualizations in StreamNative Cloud provide users with a live, interactive view of the data flowing through their Pulsar clusters.
  • Multi-instance deployment monitoring
  • Role-based access controls
  • Guaranteed message delivery

Built-in Enterprise-Grade Security

Confidently deploy Pulsar clusters with governance and full audit control while maintaining global compliance standards.

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