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Work with organizations

An organization is a team account configured perfectly for your use case on the cloud provider of your choice.

Work with organizations through snctl

In this release, snctl does not support creating organizations. You can create an organization through StreamNative Cloud Console. For details about how to create an organization, see create an organization.

After you have created an organization through StreamNative Cloud Console, you can use the snctl config set --namespace command to set your default organization.

With the namespace option, you need to use the random string for the organization name, not the descriptive name. You can find the random string on the Dashboard, next to the organization's descriptive name. For an example, see organizations.

After setting the default organization, you can use snctl commands to perform other operations on StreamNative Cloud resources in the default organization without specifying the organization name.

Work with organizations through StreamNative Cloud Console

When you log in to the StreamNative Cloud Console for the first time, a default organization is created for you. You can create other organizations as needed.

Create an organization

To create an organization, follow these steps.

  1. Click Create organization and a dialog box displays.

  2. Enter the organization name and then click Confirm. An organization name must be less than 12 characters and can contain any combination of lowercase letters (a-z), numbers (0-9), and hyphens (-). An organization is created successfully, as shown below.

    image of created organization

Check the organization

In the upper-right corner of the StreamNative Cloud Console, click your Profile and select Switch Organization to check your created organizations.

image of profile menu

In addition, you can perform the following operations:

  • Create more organizations: click Create Organization to add one or more organizations.
  • Search for existing organizations: enter an organization's name in the Search organization field, and then press Enter to search for a specific organization.

Currently, you can't delete an organization through either the console or CLI. If you need to delete an organization, please submit a ticket.

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