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  2. Generic Runtime(Alpha)

Generic Runtime (Alpha) Overview


This feature is currently in alpha. If you want to try it out or have any questions, submit a ticket to the support team.

What is Generic Runtime?

Generic Runtime is just an another runtime for Pulsar functions like Java, Python and Golang.

The only difference is that it can support many other languages like NodeJs, Python, Golang, Rust, etc.

With the Generic Runtime, you can write your own Pulsar function in any language you like and deploy it to StreamNative Cloud.

Currently, the Generic Runtime supports:

  • NodeJs
  • Python
  • Most of compiled languages, such as Golang/Rust/C/C++

If you want to use other languages, please submit a ticket to the support team.


  • The output topic must be created in advance if it has a schema definition other than string or bytes. Otherwise, the producer in the generic instance will create a topic automatically with no schema definitions
  • The policy schemaValidationEnforced needs to be disabled in the output topic's namespace so that the instance can produce bytes to topics with any schemas

What’s next?

Built-in UDFs